We headed out to Gopher Dunes for the final TVR Fall series double header this past long weekend. Saturday’s racing went about the best it has all year long. The 65 Expert class had a decent gate of 14 riders, Zach looked extremely confident in the Gopher Dunes sand and managed to go 2-3-2 in the 3 moto format for 2nd overall for the day! There was some great battles and he managed to beat the dominating kid in 2 of the moto’s that has beat him all year long! Huge confidence booster!

Sunday’s race was hand’s down the best i have ever seen Zach race! He told me in the morning that he was gonna get me a moto win for my birthday! Just before the 1st gate drop i told him “Hey, i’ll give you $10 if you get the holeshot!”… what does do? goes out and get’s a picture perfect holeshot! – who would have thought that’s all it would take??? His first ever holeshot in the 65 Expert class, he led about half the race and lost his momentum during a yellow flag and then got caught up in a lapper and lost a position (otherwise i think he would have won that moto), he ended up 2nd. Moto #2 he did the exact same thing… picture perfect holeshot (and earned himself another $10), led the whole race and was pressured every lap but never faltered! He crossed the finish line with a huge fist pump! – I never seen him so happy before! with a 2-1 result he was now in the position to take the overall win for the day if he won moto 3, something he has not been in the position to do before. Moto 3 he didn’t get the holeshot, he was 4th around the first corner and was riding great until he washed out in a corner and then from there he seemed to go backwards with a couple more mistakes and crashes and ended up 8th in that moto. I think the pressure of it all got the best of him. He still managed a 3rd overall for the day thanks to he great finishes in the first 2 motos, and he gave me the best birthday present a dad could ever ask for!

(Zach leading Sunday’s moto 2, getting alot of pressure and never faltering going on to take the win)

He managed to finish out the TVR Fall series 65 Expert class 3rd overall. It has been a great season watching him progress on the 65, at the beginning of the season he was lucky to not be finishing last place all the way to point where he is taking moto wins. I credit this to a lot of hard work, racing every single weekend and every Tuesday night, training with some of the best trainers Canada has to offer and just a shear determination from Zach to get better! Can’t wait for next season!

I am not going to get so long winded on the other racing we have done over the last month, i will just give you a quick results breakdown:

September 14: TVR – Walton – 65 Experts raced on the Walton world-class RC Car track which was actually very cool. It was like an outdoor arenacross style track with tight corners, bowl turns and technical rhythm sections. This style of track plays heavily into Zach’s favor and he managed to go 3-2-2 for 2nd overall for the day out of 12 riders.

September 28: TVR – Erie Ramblers – Even though this is Zach’s home track he wasn’t exactly on his game that day, he was suffering from Strep Throat and just wasn’t feeling well. He still managed to pull off a 3rd overall for the day with solid motos.

October 5th: CMRC – Gopher Dunes Season Finale Sand Storm – Thanks to bike problems Zach didn’t manage to get a practice and had not rode in the sand for a couple months- went straight into racing, to our surprise he went out and rode the sand like a boss and finished 2nd overall out of 8 kids in the 65 7-9 class

Mini-Thunder: This is the Tuesday night racing series put on by the Thompson family (Justin, Jay, Cole). Zach finished out the 65 Open class 2nd overall ( racing only 8 out of the 12 events)


(Zach grabbing his first 65 Expert holeshot)

So the outdoor motocross season has officially end for us (we might head over and do the few outdoor events left in Michigan weather permitting). We plan to stay active and on the bike throughout the winter months racing some indoor stuff in Tillsonburg and hitting up the Amsoil Arenacross amateur events in Michigan and Ohio in January. We also plan to ride/practice outdoors until the snow fly’s around here and then make the trek down south during the Christmas holidays and Spring break and possibly some weekend in Ohio at RamJams indoor MX track to fill in the gaps. With all this momentum we definitely can’t stop now!