On to the Mid-Eastern Regionals…
Going to keep this update short. Another intense weekend of 50cc racing in Athens, Ohio for Zach and we are glad to say that he now has a qualifying spot to move onto the Mid-Eastern Loretta Lynn regional.

With a 21 rider gate he managed a 7th in moto 1 and a 10th in moto 2 for 8th overall – Moto 1 he came around the first corner in 7th and managed to stay there and hold off some pretty fast riders right to the finish (Zach might not be the fastest kid out there but he has a way of making it very difficult for someone to pass him). Moto 2 he had a horrible start (about 15th around the 1st corner) and a small “get-off” on lap 3 that cost him a couple positions that he could not gain back, but still managed to get up to 10th.

The level of competition was probably the deepest so far, there was less riders than previous races however it seems that every kid on the gate was very solid and fast, there wasn’t a lot of “gapping” or “pulling away”, I think there was only one kid who got lapped, 5th,6th,7th and 8th overall positions were only separated by 1 point each.. the racing was tight and by far the most exciting yet! Definitely the best I have ever seen Zach ride!

We are taking this coming weekend off and hoping to squeeze in some training and practice before we head down to Steel City in Export, PA for a North East area qualifier… he is going to get one-shot at that region so hopefully he makes it count.