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    Zach takes overall win at AMO Walton Qualifier at Gopher Dunes May 24th, 2015

Zach takes overall win at AMO Walton Qualifier at Gopher Dunes May 24th, 2015

Going 1-1 in the 65 7-9 class at the AMO Walton Qualifier May 24th 2015. Zach rode smooth and consistent in both motos while the rest of the field seemed to be unable to keep it on 2 wheels in the deep Gopher Dunes sand Zach smooth style kept him on point and winning each moto by 15-20 seconds.

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ERMC 2HR Endurance MX Race – 2nd Place

Zach “The Ironman” Chauvin… Finished 2nd in his class in the ERMC 2hr MX Endurance race, 35 laps averaging 3:15 per lap for 2 hours straight! Only 8 minutes total of pit stops for gas and water. Youngest kid out there racing against grown men!

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    Yamaha Motor Canada’s Wednesday Amateur Profile- Zach Chauvin

Yamaha Motor Canada’s Wednesday Amateur Profile- Zach Chauvin

Check out the cool interview for MXP ONline Mag’s Yamaha Motor Canada’s Wednesday Amateur Profile with Zach and Chris Pomeroy

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Movin’ on up! Zach’s new 2015 Yamaha YX 85

Santa was kind to Zach this year and brought him a new 2015 Yamaha YZ85! Our plans for 2015 with 85 is simply for Zach to ride it for practice to help build his strength and speed on the 65. Once he is comfortable enough and we are confident he can handle the full power of the bike then we will slowly introduce him into some local level races.

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2014 MX season officially over and ends on a high note…

We headed out to Gopher Dunes for the final TVR Fall series double header this past long weekend. Saturday’s racing went about the best it has all year long. The 65 Expert class had a decent gate of 14 riders, Zach looked extremely confident in the Gopher Dunes sand and managed to go 2-3-2 in the 3 moto format for 2nd overall for the day! There was some great battles and he managed to beat the dominating kid in 2 of the moto’s that has beat him all year long! Huge confidence booster!

Sunday’s race was hand’s down the best i have ever seen Zach race! He told me in the morning that he was gonna get me a moto win for my birthday! Just before the 1st gate drop i told him “Hey, i’ll give you $10 if you get the holeshot!”… what does do? goes out and get’s a picture perfect holeshot! – who would have thought that’s all it would take??? His first ever holeshot in the 65 Expert class, he led about half the race and lost his momentum during a yellow flag and then got caught up in a lapper and lost a position (otherwise i think he would have won that moto), he ended up 2nd. Moto #2 he did the exact same thing… picture perfect holeshot (and earned himself another $10), led the whole race and was pressured every lap but never faltered! He crossed the finish line with a huge fist pump! – I never seen him so happy before! with a 2-1 result he was now in the position to take the overall win for the day if he won moto 3, something […]

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Sorry for the lack of updates

i apologize for the lack of updates, the 2014 MX season has kept us sooo busy that there simply has been no time to keep the website updated. I will say that Zach is riding very wel, did extremely well at Walton and has finished out the TVR summer series 65 Expert class 3rd overall. He is progressing every weekend and getting better results and looking very comfortable on the 65 now. Stay Tuned.

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On to the Mid-Eastern Loretta Lynn’s Regional Qualifier

On to the Mid-Eastern Regionals…
Going to keep this update short. Another intense weekend of 50cc racing in Athens, Ohio for Zach and we are glad to say that he now has a qualifying spot to move onto the Mid-Eastern Loretta Lynn regional.

With a 21 rider gate he managed a 7th in moto 1 and a 10th in moto 2 for 8th overall – Moto 1 he came around the first corner in 7th and managed to stay there and hold off some pretty fast riders right to the finish (Zach might not be the fastest kid out there but he has a way of making it very difficult for someone to pass him). Moto 2 he had a horrible start (about 15th around the 1st corner) and a small “get-off” on lap 3 that cost him a couple positions that he could not gain back, but still managed to get up to 10th.

The level of competition was probably the deepest so far, there was less riders than previous races however it seems that every kid on the gate was very solid and fast, there wasn’t a lot of “gapping” or “pulling away”, I think there was only one kid who got lapped, 5th,6th,7th and 8th overall positions were only separated by 1 point each.. the racing was tight and by far the most exciting yet! Definitely the best I have ever seen Zach ride!

We are taking this coming weekend off and hoping to squeeze in some training and practice before we head down to Steel City in Export, PA for a North East area qualifier… he is going to get one-shot at that region so hopefully he makes it count.

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2014 race season under way!

It was a long 2 weeks down in Mississippi training with Jay Thompson at mxschools, but Zach walked away a new rider riding at a whole new level! His first race of 2014 was awesome, racing 31 American kids down in Indiana for the first mid-eastern Loretta Lynn’s area qualifier and walked away with a top 10 finish! He got a horrible gate pick (25th) for the 1st moto and was way on the outside got pushed wide and was like 23rd around the first corner and worked his way up to 12th (only a 3 lap race), second race he rode his heart out and managed a 10th overall for the day, track was gnarly with ruts up my knees in every corner!! Super proud! He’s pumped to get the 2014 racing season going! #chargelife!

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Breaking in the new 2014 Cobra CX50

Zach got the chance to spend the day breaking in the new Cobra 50 at the Michigan Mafia Indoor MX Track.

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Santa comes through and brings Zach a new 2014 Cobra CX50

Zach only had 2 things on his list for Santa – 1. a new dirt bike and 2. “Dirt Bike Things”. Santa came through and managed to bring him everything on his list! Good job Santa!